BASF Corporation - A Military Friendly Company

The qualities that veterans possess - discipline, teamwork, attention to detail, integrity, and leadership - are the qualities we look for in our employees.

We provide a safe and reliable working environment that appreciates the vast range of experiences that veterans bring with them. We aim to provide veterans, and all of our employees, with assignments and roles that are equally challenging while providing the opportunity for growth and advancement.

BASF established the Military Veterans Employee Resource Group (VETS) to strengthen the bridge between veterans and career opportunities at the company. The group provides a community for employees who share an interest in serving and connecting with veterans, both internally and externally.

We believe that service men and women are an ideal fit for our culture, and have found veterans to be among the best performers in a variety of roles, such as in plant operations. A "can-do" spirit, appreciation for safety and process excellence, and the ability to deliver quality results are the attributes that BASF seeks when hiring all employees, especially veterans.

Time to Serve

BASF offers a comprehensive Military Leave of Absence policy, which provides up to 24 months (per lifetime) of differential pay for any type of military leave. In addition, there are no limits on combined annual training and weekend reserve duty, and employees are eligible for six months of health and insurance benefits at active rates before Cobra continuation.


"When I hire new employees for Supply Chain, I am looking for candidates with the right mindset and behaviors over Supply Chain knowledge. I can teach Supply Chain practices to a new employee, but I can't always teach someone to have the right mindset and behaviors. In my opinion, most military veterans are set to succeed at BASF."
- Don Cole, Manager, Group Logistics, Southfield, Michigan

"BASF is a great place for veterans to work because it provides an environment that is welcoming and respectful of veterans' experiences. From the day that I joined, I was immediately welcomed in as part of the team. My manager and team members value my opinion and are always interested in my input. My assignments and roles not only allow me to showcase the talents I refined while in the military, they also challenge me and provide plenty of opportunity for growth."
- Keith Williams, Staff Engineer, Houston, Texas

Veteran Profiles